Low voltage switches and contactor laboratory

In two separate test cells with a shielded control room a variety of testing such as breaking tests, short-circuit current tests, mechanical and electrical endurance tests can be done. On the secondary side most common voltages are available.

Robots are applied to operate the breakers and contactors for endurance testing, making / breaking or to record its electrical behavior. By use of a booster and a three-phase, full wave bridge rectifier also DC power can be applied.

Main specifications

Short-circuit Transformer 1
Maximum current at:
440 V 17 kA
550 V 15 kA
760 V 10 kA
Maximum breaking test acc. to IEC
440 V 5000 A
550 V 4500 A
760 V 3500 A
Frequency 50 Hz
Short-circuit Transformer 2
voltage range 60 – 600 V
maximum current 10 kA
maximum breaking test acc. To IEC 1000 A

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