Damstra Lab

Prof. Ir. Damstra Laboratory

The Prof. Ir. Damstra Laboratory is located in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Since the start in 1936 Damstra Laboratory gained a rich experience in the field of testing switchgear and controlgear as well as switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Test facilities are available for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage.

Damstra Laboratory is the independent test institute of Eaton Industries (Netherlands) B.V. Its quality system meets the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and is recognized by various certification bodies.

Damstra Laboratories central purpose is to act as Center of Excellence for validation of electrical switchgear, controlgear and assemblies against national and international standards. The key activities are:

  • Validate product capabilities in support of product development.
  • Product certification tests against applicable standards.
  • Validation of series production parts against initial test values and / or standards to define process capabilities.
  • Non-conformity investigations to find Root Cause of failing systems.
  • Act as Technical support for our clients to provide guidance of product certification tests and requirements.

It is our ambition to expand our knowledge and scope within our field of expertise through employee development and ongoing improvements of our test facilities and capabilities.

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Prof. Ir. Damstra Laboratory

Visiting address
Europalaan 210
7559 SC Hengelo

Mailing address
Postbus 23
7550 AA Hengelo

Chamber of Commerce number
08113175 0000