Dielectric testing at medium voltage level

Damstra laboratory has a long history with validation of Medium Voltage switchgear and accessories.  The dielectric testing lab is equipped with a High Voltage test generator for impulse voltage testing up to 400kV. For partial discharge measurement both a 3-phase as well as a 1-phase voltage source is available. For measuring the behavior of solid insulation very accurate testing in the order of one pico-Coulomb can be performed.

Also mechanical behavior of medium voltage switchgear can be tested and validated against the standard. By using sophisticated measurement equipment the various specifications of a mechanisms can be captured in graphs.

Main specifications

Impulse voltage testing
maximum voltage 400 kV
wave form 1.2/50 µs
Power frequency testing
maximum voltage 1-phase 150 kV
Discharge measurement
maximum voltage 1-phase 150 kV
frequency 50 Hz
measurement accuracy < 1 pC

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