High current test laboratory

With a 72 tons, 500MVA, 6.3kV 50Hz generator Damstra Laboratory is able to perform Low Voltage short circuit tests up to 120kA-1s and 65kA-3s at 440V, 100kA at 760V and prospective currents at 1450V. With the medium voltage transformer Damstra Laboratory is able to raise the voltage up to 12kV or 30kV with 2.8 or 1.4 kA-1s short circuit rating. Internal arc testing according to the IEC/TR 61641 can be done at 3 phase up to 100 kA at 690 V for 0.5 s. For medium voltage single phase to earth arc fault currents up to 2.8 kA at 12 kV and 1.4 kA at 24 kV can be generated.

A six-bridge rectifier is available to perform short circuit tests up to 80kA-1s or 100kA prospective short-circuit current at DC voltage levels up to 1900V.

The control system of the Short Circuit lab is equipped with very accurate timers in order to initiate the short circuit shot at any specific point on the sinus wave, ensuring tests to be performed in accordance with a variety of international standards and clients instructions. The unique method for connecting the test object to the test equipment, developed bij Damstra Laboratory, is very efficient and reliable and does not require any modifications on the test object.

Damstra lab has the availability of recording footage with a high speed video camera (up to 1000fps in full resolution (1024x1024) and max 50.000fps at reduced resolution, colour footage). This allows the designer to obtain valuable information that would normally be unavailable e.g. the effects of short circuit current or movement during operation of mechanisms, etc.

The lay-out of the laboratory allows easy access of large objects. In house handling of objects can be done quick and safe due to a 5 tons crane covering the whole short circuit area. A mechanical workshop allows preparation of the test objects.

Main Specifications

Short-circuit power 500 MVA
Nominal voltage 6.3 kV
Frequency 50 Hz
Short-circuit transformer
Short-circuit power 130 MVA
r.m.s. short-circuit current at:
440 V 120 kA
550 V 100 kA
760 V 100 kA
Duration 1 s
Peak short-circuit current at:
440 V 300 kA
550 V 250 kA
760 V 250 kA
Medium Voltage transformer
Short-circuit power 70 MVA
r.m.s. short-circuit current at:
12 kV 2.8 kA
30 kV 1.4 kA
Duration 3 s

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